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Clicbox – The Future of Flatpacks

Clicbox Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets are The Future of Flatpacks – No Tools, No Mess, No Time! The future of flat pack cabinets is here. Assemble your flat packs up to 5 times faster without the need for any tools. Simply click the cabinets together and they are ready to fit saving time and more importantly money.

Range HIghlights

– Very Easy and Highly Intuitive Assembly
– Up to 5 Times Faster, simply click together!
– No Tools, No Glues,, No Fittings
– Easy to Transport and Easy to Handle
– Less Components
– A Cost and Time Efficient Solution

The Clicbox Range

UNICLIC Technology
UNICLIC technology is a tongue and grove solution which allows a 90 degree click connection. The revolutionary technology makes it possible to assemble flat pack kitchen cabinets by simply clicking the components together without the use of any tools, screws or glues.

Fast Assembly
Clicbox cabinets can be assembled up to 5 times faster than standard flat pack because there is no need for any tools or fittings.

Strong and Sturdy Construction
Click cabinets are stronger than traditional flat packs assembly systems due to the fact that the jointing points run along the entire width of the board as opposed to the usual 2 fixing points.

No Visible Fittings
No visible fittings are required to assemble the ClicBox cabinets therefore making the joints cleaner.

The ClicBox range is available in three finishes. White, Ivory and Oak to match the look of your kitchen plan.

Wide Range of Sizes
The ClicBox range offers a wide selection of sizes of base cabinets, wall cabinets and tall cabinets to suit all of your kitchen requirements.

Technical Information
ClicBox by BA is an entirely new concept in kitchen units
Using the patented UNICLIC for furniture technology, means the different component just clic together.
This is set to revolutionise kitchen installation.

Base Unit Information
All base units are 720mm H x 570mm D
Base units includes tool-less adjustable legs
Hinge plate positions are centered 100mm top and bottom
Hinge plate positions are pre drilled for euro screws
Wall Unit Information
All Wall Units are 720mm H x 330mm D
All Bridging Units are 360mm H x 330mm D
Includes tool-less adjustable hanging brackets
Hinge plates are centered 100mm top and bottom
Hinge plate positions are pre drilled for euro screws
Tall Unit Information
All tall units are 1970mm H x 570mm D
All tall units have a drilling pattern to suit most appliance/door configurations
Includes tool-less adjustable legs
Shelf Packs (sold separately) include 2 fixed and 2 adjustable
Due to demand for clicbox units the lead time has been increased to 10 working days
This is only a temporary measure.

Clicks together in 30 Seconds, No Tools Required