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Product Description

Zurfiz Matching end panels

Our Zurfiz matching end panels come edged on all four sides, Some panels come with a matching back and some  come with a silver backs

Panel Sizes.

900 x 350mm

900 x 650mm

2400 x 650mm

Panels with silver back.

Ultragloss Cashmere,Ultragloss Japanese Pear,Ultragloss Light Grey,Ultragloss Macassar,Ultragloss Metallic Anthracite,Ultragloss Metallic Blue,Ultragloss Metallic Champagne,Ultragloss Marino, Ultragloss Plum,Ultragloss Saffron.

Panels with Matching Back.

Ultragloss Black,Ultragloss Copperleaf,Ultragloss Cream,Ultragloss Limestone,Ultragloss White,Ultragloss Metallic Basalt,Ultragloss Metallic Cashmere

Ultra Mussel comes with a cream back.


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