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    For help on the best way to measure
    for replacement kitchen doors
    and for hinge holes.

    It is best to measure the doors you want to replace in mm and always measure from the back. Your kitchen doors may have a profile on the front that makes it harder to measure,

    An example of a standard size kitchen door, A door will always be slightly smaller than you cupboard.
    Say you are looking to replace a door on a 720 h x 300 w unit, The door size for this would be 715 mm high x 296 mm wide.

    You can add hinge holes to your door, Measure first from the top edge of door to the center of existing hinge hole using mm and enter size, Repeat this process this time measuring from the bottom edge of door and enter size. all hinge holes are bored to fit 35mm hinges which is the most common size.

    Select hinge hole options

Product Description

Zurfiz Ultragloss White Door and Drawer

Create a bright and attractive look with these Zurfiz acrylic kitchen doors.


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